4 Vital Concepts To Creating Valuable Unique Content

Content Is King

In this post I’m going to point you in the right direction on how to create valuable unique content – content which is going to actively engage users and increase shareability.

A few days ago, Rand from SEOmoz covered a very interesting WhiteBoard Friday topic. The question was, “How unique does content have to be to perform well in search engines?”.

I’d like to rephrase the title and rather sum it up to be, “How valuable does content have to be to perform well in search engines?”. Because technically, anyone can create unique content. But to write content of unique value, now this is something which is going to take some thought.

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Google Rolls Out First Panda Update For 2013

Google has given news of its latest Panda refresh for 2013.

The news comes from Google’s official Twitter account @Google, announcing the update will have an impact on 1.2% for all English search queries. Whilst this may not sound to be much in total, web masters should treat this update as a warning to start refining their content strategy if they haven’t done so.

First Google Panda Update 2013

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Matt Cutts reveals Google web spam teams all around the world

Google Panda Penguin Web Spam

Matt Cutts recently revealed there are in fact numerous Google web spam teams located all across the globe and not just primarily in the United States.

Cutts revealed the news of a major Google web spam team based in Dublin Europe. The team works in many different languages to combat web spam across various European regions. In addition, the web spam leader also mentions that there are technical web engineers all across the globe specialised in fighting web spam.

One of Google’s current goals are to work with as many web specialists as possible, with a focus in covering a wide range of different languages in their war against web spam.

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90% of Google Webmaster Tools Messages are Black Hat related

Google Webmaster Tools

Matt Cutts has recently revealed in a video entry that 90% of all messages sent out via Google Webmaster Tools are issues related to Black Hat SEO.

For all you guys that are new to SEO. Earlier this year, during the months of January and February, Google had introduced their new unnatural link warning messages. These messages were directed at websites which contained suspicious behaviour of unnatural incoming links (paid links or low quality links). Websites which received these notices were either warned or had immediately incurred ranking penalties.

A total of 700,000 messages were sent out, meaning that just over 600,000 of those messages issued were in regards to Black Hat. Quiet a figure really..

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How I Made A Living Online – Earning 4k-5k/Month – Part 1

For some, this may be nothing. But for others, I do hope my past experiences will act to inspire and motivate. This is my story, and this is how I made a living online, earning 4k-5k per month by working and dedicating my life into succeeding online.

You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough

Since a young age, I had always envisioned myself working from anywhere in the world. Having absolute freedom to travel while working from the convenience of my laptop. To make a living online was the dream and somehow I always knew that through online marketing, I would someday get there.

I had started my journey with no knowledge about building websites, hosting, marketing or business in general, but only recently have I realised that every human being is born with a passion in something. And until we’ve found that very special something, we should never give up in our search – no matter what.

This brings me to my story..

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